From nature
for nature

The Jungle collection features sustainable items with high-standard quality, in compliance with the latest environmental and safety standards and available in a variety of sizes, designs and combinations. All Jungle items are manufactured under fair and sustainable conditions with our partners, protecting mother nature from the beginning.

Compostable & biodegradable

Biodegradable materials can be decomposed into very small parts, due to biological activity and chemical alteration of the material structure. By contrast, materials that totally decompose when exposed to certain conditions, leaving no visible residuals, are defined as compostable. An oak twig, for example, is not compostable, because it decomposes too slowly. In other words, composting is the entire biodegradation process.
The time it takes for a material to biodegrade is closely linked to factors like temperature, humidity, oxygenation and concentration of microorganisms encountered by the substance during the process. The ability to artificially control such parameters, for example by constantly monitoring them, enables us to improve the biodegradation performance in terms of decomposition speed.
This is the compostability process, so the possibility to increase the speed of biodegradation under controlled conditions.


Pulp is a natural material sourced from sugarcane waste fiber. Sugarcane is a renewable material that, after its juice extraction or processing, is ideal for manufacturing disposable products. Pulp is biodegradable and can be disposed in organic waste. Our pulp material is OK Compost certified. It is compliant with the European Regulation Standards for Food Contact Materials (FCM) and Essential Environment Requirements. Depending on the composting conditions pulp can be biodegraded within a couple of weeks or up to 3 months.


Our cutlery range is made from CPLA a bio based and compostable bioplastic deriving from renewable vegetable sources such starch, corn and sugar beet. This raw material is crystalized, during the production process of the cutlery, to withstand temperatures up to 90° and to combine high-heat resistance and accordance with environmental standards.
Our CPLA cutlery are OK Compost certified, recyclable, biodegradable and they are heat resistant up to 90 °C.

Wood & paper

Our wood and paper are certified FSC, a global forest certification system that allows consumers to use wood and paper products produced from well-managed forests.
That means a responsibly sourced wood coming from a renewable contest, managed to facilitate regrowth and provide benefits for oxygen generation and forest habitat.
Our paper accessories are completely biodegradable and recyclable, our wood accessories are compostable.

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