The whole world is animated and living, we are all part of one cosmic family.
We think of one world and one common project. We honour life and nature,
we look for opportunities in the world to bring our ecological
commitment with joy and beauty. We are Generation Green

Ethnic Range

Travelling the world to discover other cultures and their traditions: from creative traditional Japanese dishes to Chinese cuisine, from Spanish specialities to Tex-Mex bites.
Our ethnic line offers functional and practical solutions to guarantee the quality of the flavours of ethnic food delivered to your doorstep. Always in the name of quality.

Sushi Box Bamboo
POKE bamboo paper bowl
Bamboo paper bowl
Rectangular clam
Tortilla holder
Pulp tacos holder
Combo catering bowl with lid
Butterfly box
Pulp pizza plate
Drink and eat insert


Bamboo paper: the 100% sustainable choice. Our line of grease-resistant containers is made of bamboo paper, a material with extraordinary qualities. In fact, bamboo is rapidly renewable because it is not a tree but a type of grass with the fastest growth in the world. It also produces about 30 to 35 percent more oxygen during growth than other plants and absorbs on average 2 to 2.5 times more CO2 than trees.

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Bamboo paper: our sustainable choice. Why?

Rapidly renewable
Bamboo is not a tree, but a type of grass and one of the fastest growing plant species in the world. The fastest growing tree grows 3 times slower than bamboo. There are bamboo species that can grow up to 30 meters in two months. Bamboo grows without the help of fertilizers or pesticides and after cutting Due to bamboo’s deep root system, replanting is not necessary.and soil erosion is prevented.

High carbon dioxide absorption
During growth, bamboo produces about 30-35% percent more oxygen than other plants and trees and at the same time, absorbs on average 2 to 2.5 times as much CO2 as wood. This is mainly due to the rapid growth of bamboo.

Bamboo is a completely biodegradable material The bamboo fibre is also quite flexible, which is why the bamboo paper is also very smooth keeping the same quality of ordinary paper.

Round salad bowl
Square bamboo paper bowl
Multi food butterfly box

Decor line

The Decor line offers a classic design enriched by a refined decoration pattern
at the edges. These simple and elegant plates enhance the presentation of the food. All items are compostable.

DECOR pulp plate 23
DECOR pulp plate 18

Stone line

The Stone tableware collection emulates the natural and organic shapes of rocks. The simplicity of forms and the delicate warped edges of each plate, when placed inside one another, gives the impression of harmonic flowers. The irregular soft shapes, different for each item, allow easy handling and stacking, and are outstanding for the visual presentation of food. Made of Pulp, Stone tableware is compostable,biodegradable, microwavable, freezer friendly, and oven safe up to 120 °C.

STONE pulp bowl
STONE pulp plate 22
STONE pulp plate 17

Diamond line

The real beauty of the Diamond range lies in its clever design features and variety of sizes. Diamond design has been created to accentuate the presentation and arrangement of the table while still focusing highly on functionality. Soft off-center squared lines are the creative concept of the Diamond range. This gives it incredible cleanliness which results in a unique and creative combination on the table. Made of Pulp, Diamond tableware is compostable, biodegradable, microwavable, freezer friendly, and oven safe up to 120 °C.

DIAMOND pulp plate 20
DIAMOND pulp plate 24
DIAMOND pulp bowl


The Jungle cutlery collection has been created according to the latest consumer trends in terms of look and functionality. Every Jungle cutlery line combines sustainability with exceptional design and performance, by use of different materials, CPLA and natural wood.

Pulp mini spoon
Mini wooden cutlery
Basic wooden cutlery
Bloom – dark green cpla tea spoon
Bloom – 2 piece dark green cpla cutlery kit
Bloom – 3 piece dark green cpla cutlery kit
Bloom – cpla cutlery kit
Bloom – cpla cutlery
Bloom – cpla tea spoon
Bloom – cpla mini fork
Bloom – green cpla cutlery
Bloom – red cpla cutlery

Round salad bowls

Jungle salad bowls are designed for immediate use at the table or, combined with their lids, suitable for takeaway. Their deep, rounded shape has been created to enhance culinary creativity. Jungle salad bowls and lids are certified for composting.

Pulp round bowl and lids
Combo bowl and lid

Green Take Away

Jungle offers a range of biodegradable and compostable food containers made of PULP. The range includes an array of sizes and designs which make it ideal for take-away and for food delivery. They are made entirely of Pulp in order to be biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, microweavable, freezer friendly and oven safe up to 120 C°.

Pulp square 3 compartments shell
Combo pulp 3 Compartments lunch box and lid
Combo square tray and lid
Pulp square clam
Pulp rectangular clam
Combo 2 compartments bowl and lid
Combo bowl and lid
Combo sauce holder and lid
Pulp rectangular tray
Pulp pizza plate
Combo catering bowl and lid

Green finger food

For a total-green catering, Jungle offers a wide range of finger food items made of sugarcane pulp and natural materials available in a variety of designs and sizes. All items are biodegradable and compostable.

Mini spoon
Mini tasting drop spoon
Mini square plate
Mini leaf plate
Mini cocco bowl
Tasting spoon
Mini tasting bowl
Mini tasting bowl limone
Bamboo accessories
Cpla accessories

Wooden Finger food

The Jungle finger food collection is completely crafted in natural wood. Originating from traditional craft techniques, Jungle finger food offers a wide range of products available in different shapes, sizes and capacities in order to accommodate a variety of needs. All items are biodegradable and compostable.

Wooden cup
Wooden cone
Wooden accessories
Wooden boat

Cups & straws

Jungle offers a collection of cardboard glasses / cups for hot and cold drinks. Available in various sizes, they withstand hot-drink temperatures up to 80 °C. After use, they can be disposed in paper waste because they comply with the European EN13432 directives. The collection is completed by including biodegradable and compostable straws made of paper and pla

Hot and cold kraft ripple wall paper cups
Hot and cold smooth double wall paper cups
Paper coffee cups
Hot & cold white paper cups
Slim hot & cold paper cups
Paper lids for cups
Pulp lid for cups
Coffee stirrer
Paper & Pla straws


Jungle products are born out of our choice to reduce and recycle. We use material from sustainable sources offering products that are 100% recyclable, biodegradable or compostable.
Today Jungle is moving towards reuse, favoring reusable and durable solutions and products: soft pastel cups are the first proposal.

Soft pastel durable cups
PP Shot glasses in mixed colors
PP Shot glasses

Retail pack

All Jungle items are beautifully packed and have well-designed labels which contribute to product description and technical data. For selected items we have created attractive and compact packs for an eye-catching display.

Combo square tray
Combo pulp 3 compartments lunch box
Combo 2 compartments bowl
Combo oval bowl – 1000ml
Combo oval bowl – 750ml
Combo catering bowl and lid
Bowl and lid
Decor Tray
Pulp pizza plate
Decor line
Stone line
Diamond line
Bloom – green cpla cutlery
Bloom – red cpla cutlery
Wooden cutlery
Sauce holder and lid


Paper cups and cutlery of Jungle line can be customized with the printing of graphics, logos or with the variation of the colors of the cutlery itself, in order to enhance and characterize brands or special occasions. The Dampe Team is available to study the best graphic and design solution for each reference.

Personalized wooden cutlery kit
Personalized Cpla cutlery & packaging
Personalized paper cups

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