Personalized Cpla cutlery & packaging

Personalization of cpla cutlery with Pantone colours
Minimum order: 300 cartons
Delivery time: 4/5 months from order confermation

Personalization of kraft/bioplastic packaging
Minimum order: 300 ctn / 75.000 pcs.
Delivery time: 4/5 months from order confirmation


Our cutlery range is made from CPLA a bio based and compostable bioplastic deriving from renewable vegetable sources such starch, corn and sugar beet. This raw material is crystalized, during the production process of the cutlery, to withstand temperatures up to 90° and to combine high-heat resistance and accordance with environmental standards.
Our CPLA cutlery are OK Compost certified, recyclable, biodegradable and they are heat resistant up to 90 °C.

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